Who should Kerr fight *SPOILER*

Who should Mark "The Smashing Machine" Kerr fight next now that he has returned to MMA? I know a re-match is needed between him and Yamamato ASAP, considering Kerr knocked himself out just like Matt Lindland did against Falaniko Vitali. But who should he fight after the re-match? I would like to see a re-match between Mark Kerr and Kazayuki Fujita.

That is a good idea.


knocking your self out = bad technique...


Kerr will probably have an altenate fight at the Pride Heavyweight Grand Prix this year. He will probably fight Gan McGee, L.A. Giant or Dan Bobish in the alternate fight.

Why is Kerr still considered big show quality?

Because when he is conditioned and focused, he is considered one of the best fighters in the world.


TTT for Mark "The Smashing Machine" Kerr!

Gan Mcgee.

he is way off of the vitamin 'S', guy look like he hasn't lifted in years

"man kerr looked small"


Yes, he did indeed look small...but at least that is a sign that he is no longer useing steroids.


he looked 100x better than he did in his superfight with arona...he was really upbeat despite the loss...said he will not end his career like that...he said he will come back and give it another go b/c he loves the fight game...so it seems like the passion is back...ttt for Kerr

Dos Caras Jr. Both guy's have to finish their contractual match ups with Pride.

I do't care to see Kerr back in action. Tjhis guy has never betaed a Top fighter on his career but many forum meber still considering him on eof the best fighers ever.

Nobuhiko Takada, Branco Cicatik, Igor Borisov,Hugo Duarte, The Pedro those are the fighter which Kerr defeated in Pride. When he faced some top caliber fighter as Herring and Vovchanchin we all know what happened.And don't come with his UFC wins...

Peace and''um grande abraço''


Enson Inoue is a great fighter. And at least all of Kerr's losses (Not couting his loss to Yamamato) are to good fighters.