Who should Todd Duffee fight next?

Despite his losses to Russow and the Reem, I feel linger Duffee is still a top prospect who would crush a guy like Frank Mir. I'd love to see Todd Duffee go up against Pat Barry or Gonzaga. Phone Post

Gonzaga would be good yeah. HW is such an empty division that within two fights he could be a legit contender to be fair. Maybe Struve would make for a fun fight too.

He won't fight till Oct-Dec time frame so I think the best answer is Mitrione/Schaub winner. I know he wants veterans so someone like Barnett/Mir loser, Nog, or Gonzaga would be cool also.

The winner of Matt Mitrione vs. Brandon Schaub

Pudz Phone Post

Mark Hunt! Phone Post

I'd also like to see him fight Mitrione.

Mitrione, Schaub, Rothwell, Jordan or Barry would all be cool fights



Why ruin his career by feeding him to McCorkle?

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The winner of Matt Mitrione vs. Brandon Schaub

Agreed Phone Post 3.0

Schaub regardless of the outcome of the next fight Phone Post 3.0

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