Who Should TUF 15 Choose That Tried Out?

I recently wrote a piece about why The Ultimate Fighter should choose Sam Alvey and Lenny Nelson for this upcoming season of TUF.

Alvey is one of the more experienced guys with a great attitude and a breath of fresh air. (Still only 25)

Nelson is a 2-time Wisconsin champion who wasn't supposed to ever fight again following a three-story fall in May that broke his back.

Here's the link:


But more importantly, who do you think should make the show that tried out for this season?

Jeff smith from Harrisburg, pa Phone Post

Tyler Minton from Bristol TN

John Cofer GA state champ at 155, former college D1 wrestler.

Jarid Burke 155 badass from Georgia

Brandon Thatch - Training since he was like 10, 7-1 with his loss a split decision because they guy laid on him (did zero damage) in his second or third pro fight, averages like 30 seconds per win. Look him up. Exciting style and solid skill set. Trains in the high altitude, won't gas, but won't need to worry about gas if he's taking care of business in less than 30 seconds every time out.

Cody BamBam Bollinger 12-2 KOTC FIGHTER, JC All American Gladiator Challenge 2 x champ recent win over Tuf Semi Finalist did phenominol at try outs and interview

only needs the UG backing

John Visante, Dom "Sho Nuff" Water's, George Lockhart, Mike Rio, Michael Brightmon, Zane Kamaka, Mushin Corbreay, James Krause, Chase Hackett Phone Post

Andy Morales. @andymoralesmma Phone Post

Adam Singer - Jarid Burke 155 badass from Georgia

Jerrid and Muhsin Corbbrey! Phone Post

 I may be a little biased but I choose....... ME!

and Jeff Smith he is a cool guy

I choose.... Matthew Perry..
guy looks like a beast...

Sabo is a BEAST - I choose.... Matthew Perry..
guy looks like a beast...

Yup. He gets my vote as well Phone Post

Josh Smith too. Was robbed of a decision against Alex Karalexis in the WEC and is a pro boxer.

Tyler Combs 14-6
Losses are vs UFC vets, etc
Solid hands and jits

Sam Alvey is good people. How in the hell is he gonna make 170?????? I was ringside for his ammy debut at HW, and he just fought for Bellator at 185. Wow!

 I'll go with Andy Ogle currently 8-1

Only 22 years old and he's very well rounded plus has experience on big events.

Definitely one to watch. Plus he's a real funny character and he would go over well with the fans.