Who smoked weed?

"Following a trio of mixed martial arts events that took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey over the month of October, three fighters have allegedly tested positive for marijuana as part of their mandatory post-fight drug testing. Urinalysis results collected by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB) revealed the presence of the illegal substance in three individuals spanning two professional mixed martial arts events, including two fighters from October 15th's EUPHORIA Mixed Fighting Championship "The Road to the Titles" and one competitor from October 22nd's UFC 50: "The War of '04." Following NJSACB protocol, which does not regularly make the medical and/or monetary details surrounding its athletes public record, the sanctioning body has opted to keep the identities of these participants anonymous, although they will all be listed on "administrative suspension" under fightfax.com, a website that tracks boxers' records and statuses, and has been utilized by the Control Board as of late for mixed martial artists as well."


Anyone know who they are?

legalize it

I was gonna make the same thread, but then I got high.

"The question isn't who smoked weed, the question is who was dumb enough to get caught?"

No kidding...only those who don't study for the test fail! ;)

I believe Daren said he was "well-liked" at UFC 50. This would explain a lot.

lights up a blunt


ttt for who got blazed

Whoever was hanging with Joe and Eddie?

better question is who didn't

I smoked weed once...but I didn't exhale.

As for a fighter geting busted for weed...I don't think THC should be a banned substance in MMA. i think it sould be encouraged!

The only thing it stimulates is your appetite and the only thing it enhances is the enjoyment from video games graffics and shit.

Furthermore - it's has a calming effect on most people and Lord knows there are enough angry, Type-A males running around looking for someone to beat up.

YESCA ****** puff,puff, pass *******************ORALE.

i dont see how weed could benefit you during a fight. why do they even test for that

damm just rolled one up this very second.dream i didnt smoke with any ufc fighters but with the party i had going on they may have got a contact high

anyone got a light ?

I puffed with a few known fighters from the five state area!

I wont name anyone but a couple were top dogs!

The Cannible has the only correct answer on this thread, that and what any other pot smoker said :)



buffalo wings arent naturally found in my body, are they performance increasers?

but i agree that fighters should not be under the influence while in the ring, but what they do on their own time shouldnt matter

ok ok you caught me

especially those chili flava'd jerkies

had me scared a minute, i fought for euphoria in may, haha. hope the guys don't get a harsh punishment, that would be more fucked than smoking mex. commercial out of a pop can