Who the hell is Patrick Cote?

I go away for 1 week and now Tito is fighting Patrick Cote? What the hell happened? They couldn't find a bigger name for their headlining fight?

No, really, this is a serious question. I see he's 5-0 with wins over a couple solid fighters, but where did he come from and how did he get this fight?

He comes from Canada and the second part to your questions, is Stephan Patry


Cote is the TKO Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion.

There is a picture of his foot anyway at http://malarky.udel.edu/~keith/2003/various/tko112903.htm after he KO'd Vigneault. I'll try to get some more shots of him up soon.



Thanks, Jacob. Introduce yourself at a show some time. Not sure where you live but chances are I'll go to a show within driving distance in the next six months.