Who to draft?

 My draft is this weekend. I am in a 14 team non ppr league. We carry over 3 players from last year.

I am keeping: Aaron Rodgers QB Packers, Mike Wallace WR Steelers and WR AJ Green WR Bengals

How does my first 3 look?

Crazy enough one of the teams ended up with Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Ray Rice, talk about a monster team to start.

My plan is to go RB, RB, then value after that. Who should I be logically looking to get considering my next picks would be #46, #60, #74, #90, #104, 118, #132, #146...?

Right now I am targeting:

RB - Demarco Murray (ended our season on waivers), Trent Richardson, Reggie or Donald Brown

WR - Demaryious Thomas, Jordy Nelson, Austin Collie, Vincent Jackson

TE - Antonio Gates, Vernon Davis, Jacob Tamme

QB - RG3, Matt Schaub,

Thanks OG!

 Your first 3 are decently solid granted Wallace hurries up and signs. Your plan of going RB, RB, and then value is solid. 

I don't know what all RB's you have available to go after or where you draft but Demarco Murray is an excellent pick. I also like Trent Richardson. Everyone is down on him after the 2nd knee scope, but I think he is fine. Before the 2nd knee scope, he was going very early in the second round.  Hillis tore it up in Cleveland 2 years ago gaining 1200 yards and 13 td's, so Richardson has the potential to do the same or better IMO. 

I would stay away from Collie.. but all your other WR's and TE's are solid picks. Tamme is one you can get in later rounds, but is going to be top 5 IMO. 

Good luck.