Who torrents? Who can burn DVD's??

I'm thinking about authoring DVD's on occassion and putting an .iso image up via Bit Torrent on AggressionTV.com for free.

My question is - who here uses Bit Torrent and also who can Burn their own DVD's?

I know that a lot of people don't approve of Bit Torrent but it has legitimate uses too! Using this method would really save on bandwidth costs.

I can do both. I think this is a good idea.

I can

I do. I do. Not impressed though. All the files I find to download seem to be optimized for online viewing, which makes for shitty TV viewing. I've also had problems with a few formats, like .AVI.

Cool. Scott - I'm talking like a 2 GB file or so with good quality so you can put the DVD into your real DVD player and watch it on TV.

I would be interested as soon as I can get back on my regular PC and get a DVD drive. I already BitTorrent.

Yeah I torrent DVD files sometimes. I've DLed a couple Japanese shows that are not marketed or available to me in the States. I would DL the iso if you did it. Good idea using modern technology like that. Bit Torrent may be associated with piracy but it's just an effective technology and not synonymous with illegal activity. It gets a bad rap. Some ISPs even block the default Bit Torrent ports which is really lame.

I wish someone would make a "Bit Torrent for Dummies" thread. Sounds like good stuff, but I have no idea how to use it. I use a Mac operating system 10.2. Any help would be appreciated.


No clue how it works with a mac but you need a bit torrent client. Search for "Mac Bit Torrent Client" and see if there is one. If you find one just install it and then when you run across a link to a torrent file you just click on it and tell the client where you want the download to go. Bada Bing Bada Boom.

Ok go to supernova there is a link in bitcomet the torrent program i use.I have downloaded a few of the ufcs that i had already paid for but that the tape had messed up so i feel that i was not stealing.Also the person that was saying he converted files from avi or mpeg to dvd what program you used to do that with? let me know thanks.

I do :)

Redneck, why would you not use Bit Torrent?

I do


I can download and burn torrents, Johnny. Just make sure you upload the file already in ntsc mpeg2 dvd format. It's a huge pain when people upload fight shows as vcds and they're spread across 2 discs... that or they upload the show as an avi or it's in PAL format or some other goofy shit. Anyhow, make it a properly sized disc image of a dvdr and it should work great. Just so long as we don't have to screw around with merging files and converting from other formats.

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I use torrent. Don't have a DVD burner, just a large hard drive and a large computer monitor.

I Do.

I do both.

As well, I might add, the kind of thing you're doing is what I believe p2p software should be used for. People can go outside the rigid distribution systems of major companies and have their creative output available throughout the world.

Ok, so I just got a DVD burner....

I don't really know what bit torrents is. I've heard people mention it before & i am guessing its a file sharing or upload/download site...

I would love to share some stuff I have, I just don't know where to go.

Does anybody have relevant info for a torrent newb? Where to go, websites, etc? any basic information that I should know?


I think he said at one time you need an invite to the NOS client.