Who trains at Gokor's place?

My new Apartment is literally about half a block away from his new school. What are the classes like these days? I was curious about his Judo/Sambo classes as well as him mma classes. What is a typical class like there in terms of technique drilling and sparring? Lots of foot/leg locks I'm assuming? Please share! Any input much appreciated!


I've been to a couple of his seminars on the East Coast and I really like his stuff.

Should be great classes, but I'm sure someone else can tell you more!

I know Eddie, he is my original coach. I'll be going back to him very soon. I was just thinking about checking out Gokor's place to learn a few leg locks and maybe a couple throws.

If you want to learn throws go on a judo night (tues & thu bring a gi) as
for leg locks wensdays are usually the best.

Thanks Queball. What are the Tues/Thurs classes like? Do they get to spar, etc?

Yeah, he used to, but I think he's at Legends now. I actually trained at Hayastan a couple years ago, but it was only once a week when Judo Gene came in to teach. I have never been to the Judo/Sambo class on Tues/Thurs.

Looks like Judo Gene teaches tomorrow night, I'll probably go check it out. Anybody here gonna be there?

i think karo's cousin teaches for gokor, but not sure which classes

Thanks Far East. I wonder if that means Gokor is taking a break from teaching? I hope not, because the times I have trained with him were awesome. Guess I'll find out tonight!

Just got back from day two. Tonight we did some cool throws and lots and lots of rolling. The cool thing about Gokor is that he's right there on the mats training with everybody the whole time. He is awesome to watch. Students are all helpful and friendly.

Last night Judo Gene was in the house teachig some wicked arm lock variations off the Oma Plata set up. The cool thing about Gene is that he starts lots of the drills from the feet and shows you how to get to the finish. He and Gokor also showed some nasty face locks and chokes. Lots of time to roll and trade techniques with other students. Lots of tough mo fo's to throw you around and give you a good workout too :)

Tomorrow night is mma night. Can't wait!!