Who trains these Kids? (video)

Damn, these kids are technical. Props to onthemat.com


Bluenamer please

Im proud to say that those are Terrell's Tiny Terrors from Nor Cal Fighting Alliance.

That was great,oh to be able to have stared training bjj at that age. Sigh. Terrell's Tiny Terrors, now that's a great name!

Can you imagine how dangerous they'll be just by 8th grade?

i love the fact these kids know the basics of grappling and are learning the fundementals well..


It is too dangerous to have kids competing with TOE HOLDS, and allowing kids caught in a catch arm locks to pick up the other kid of the ground.. dangerous for both kids..The refs look to be very good at stopping it but still..some things shouldn't be taught to kids

Damn what in the world are those kids on.Can you imagine in 15 or so years from now what kind of sub-fighters will be out there if these kids are doing that now.

Sports are dangerous period. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see strong children.

great but agree with vexed about any sort of leg locks, kids are too flexible without knowing any damage is being done for those to be allowed...

Thats why they train so they know when to tap.

That's no more dangerous than football or even baseball for that matter. Kid's that age play those sports all over this country.

That's cool to see but I still don't want kids.


yes the gracie tattoo is fake..it was done for some laughs...Everyone on the team is taught the same..more then half those kids can pull a legit flying armbar..most of those kids have been training for several years now and are growing up to be little monsters of the mat...They actually have there own little cult following now and get standing ovations at tournements..Its great for them

Those kids are good. I think my son could compete with them, probably beat them.



Thats why they train so they know when to tap.

Even adults get caught in leg locks and tap to late...

Cool, But I don't think they should be slamming out of armbars and stuff, Heck the only thing I didn't see was a HeelHook, I sure hope they aren't letting them do those.