Who U wouldnt want to streetfight

Of all MMA fighters, who is the last person you'd want to have a street fight with in a dark alley while they are having a bad day?




Myself... i am one dangerous mofo!

Make that 2 for Rampage.

I would say Parrish as well

I wouldn't want to streetfight Babalu because he threatened to knock that one guy out and fuck him up the butt.

Kimbo Slice

Too many to say just one.

I would say Tank and Tyson would still make the list of most.

Rampage is smart enough to stop beating your brains in so I would have to say a guy like Tank would kill you in a dark alley.

Tank gimme a break.

Vanderlei is the LAST person on earth, any sane man would want to fight in the street..........

Yeah it would suck to fight Bas on the street. After he KOed you, he would make sure you didnt walk like he did that one guy....?

sorry for the reference "one guy". Heard a story but dont know who it was he mauled.

The last guy I'd want to run into in the streets is Andrei Arlovski.

No way I'd fuck with him, the guy even looks like he could rip any regular joe limb from limb, look at the aggression he shows in the octagon, imagine what he'd be capable of doing with no rules. Especially if he was pissed off. :O


I'd certainly want none of Bas either........