Who U wouldnt want to streetfight

Mark Hunt, that's a guy I would not fuck with in the streets.

yeah, rampage would slam you on some concrete and possibly kill you that way

but, I wouldn't want to meet any of the aforementioned guys in a dark alley

Kevin Randleman doing a jumping suplex on a guy in the streets,(like the one on Fedor in PrideFC round 2 comp) thats scary just mention it.

Someone who has the HIV.

"I still think back to when he "lost" to Oleg. Yeah. Oleg got the win . . . and then spent the next 4 or 5 days in the hosptital. Tank went to a bar."

Why do you put lost in quotes, implying that Oleg didn't win?

Tank tapped out, he gave up, because if he didn't, he would have been choked out, and at Oleg's mercy completely.

To be blunt, Oleg could have killed Tank at that stage of the game.



Erikson, that's not good at all in a dark alley.

Ryan. Apart from the fact there's very few MMA fighters I could actually contend with, Ryan would just keep hurting you once you're down.

"Thomas Denny
(He might bring up his past)"