Who (UFC) hit Denver early to adapt to altitude?

I remember stamina being a serious issue with many of the fighters last time UFC was here. Many of us chalked that up to them not coming in soon enough to adjust to the altitude. So, who all has come in early to alleviate this problem? Anyone know of some of the non-local fighters coming in early?

I know Daniel Roberts has been in town for at least a week. Nice kid. He came through the gym. Didn't think to ask him how long he'd been in town though.

the guys with grudge should have something of an advantage (marshall, schaub, i think i read that buentello is training there now) in their fights..since it is hq'd there in CO...

The effect altitude plays show the cardiovascular aspect of MMA. The best thing they can do is to get up there a couple of weeks instead of just 4-5 days before the fight. Getting an altitude tent or taking a few doses of EPO will also greatly help as well.

inf0 - I'm sure Jones is used to the altitude by now considering how much hot smoke has gone up that kid's ass in the last few weeks..



I went there for spring break a few years back and when I got done snowboarding 5 beers would put me out every night(and no it wasn't lightweight syndrome, it was fatigue). It was definately AI(Altitude Illness). The last 2 nights I forced myself to stay up and keep drinking so I could have a hangover. If I didn't get a hangover I didn't have the right to call it "spring break". Now imagine preparing for a fight in that shit....I can barely drink in the mountains...LOL