who want 2 see Horn/Lister Picture

I was at ringside taking pictures and got some good ones. I know not everyone was able to see the fight since KOTC did not show it.

I will be posting the pictures tomorrow if I get enough interested people, so TTT this or tell me if you would like me to post the pictures.

I have them at work and will be glad to post them tomorrow.

TTT 4 Pictures!!!


Why not just post them? I'm sure everybody wants to see them.



the pictures are at my office. I will post them tomorrow.

makes MANDATORY appearance on a "Jeremy Horn" thread


I hear both Gladiator Challenge and KOTC will be coming out with like 8-10 event DVD sets, of all the "dark cards" they have had over the past couple of years. I understand Lister vs Horn will be included in the KOTC set.

yes please


lol @ BZLJJ beating JHR to the thread, thus proving my theory that he is in fact the #1 Jeremy Horn fan/stalker out there!

koma is correct


post them!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

fabes you need a hobby or something...

Don't forget I'm in a different time zone (Sound asleep when this thread was created) :)

Let's see the pics !

I'd also like to point out that I have a copy of the fight on tape sent to me by some guy named Jeremy Horn...

Not bad for a #2 fan eh ??





Link to 35 pictures for Jeremy Horn vs Dean Lister:


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