Who wants a free trip to Thailand on Mike Swick?

Is anyone interested in training with Swick in South East Asia?


I would love a trip to Thailand. Sign me up.


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ttt for someoen to get a great opportunity.

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I want to go what do I do? Great podcast btw

I am!!

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I’m 49 and my wife has terminal cancer. Been doing Muay Thai for 2 years. Nothing combat prior. I love it. Jesus I’d love to do it. In another life.

Mike seems like a good dude. Appreciate his fights.


I’d do this and then report back like crazy on the UG with pics etc.

No free lady boys?

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That would be part of the report back to the UG!

Mike take me

Mike we’ve actually met before. Briefly, so it won’t be that awkward. Take me.

Came here for this. Will be a dealbreaker if not

I do but I can’t go until November. On my bucket list.

Great opportunity for some up and coming fighters. Great to see swick doing so well. He always seemed like a swell guy during his ufc stint

I don’t. Mike Swick on me for 16 hours sound like hell, you fags!

Sounds like a Navy recruiting add. “Visit Thailand on the Navy’s dime.”

Yeah, I fell for that shit once. Actually twice.

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Won’t be ON you as much as he will be IN you. I think you’ll enjoy it especially if it’s for 16 hours. You’ll learn to love it


At first Mike says no training & then it sounds like training is included a little later on.

Either way it`s a hell of a give away.

The Real Quick Mike Swick. You think he could do freaking freaky 16 hours?! I don’t. 16 seconds maybe.