who wants a PS3?

found this on another board:

It seems now that the holiday spending season is over, Sony is having a tough time selling the PS3 in Japan.


This link shows a bunch of people in line waiting to buy products at a yodobashi and which items sold out. Nearly everything sold out except the PS3 and the ricecooker. The PS3 shipment to the store was 3,000 and only 300 were sold.


This link contains a variety of pics that show just how available the PS3 is in Japan. Even with the limited amout of units being made, it is realitively easy to find a PS3 in Japan.

With similar stories in US, will Sony struggle selling PS3 early next year? If indeed Sony does struggle, what options do they have? The can't cut the price because they would lose too much money and it is generally against their standard operation.

I think Sony will look into bundling packages next year like they have done with the PSP if they struggle in sales.

This is bad , i want Sony to be humiliated for lying about the ps3 , not fail completely... monopoly is not a good thing. I dont consider Wii and 360 to be competitors, has they aim for different market.

when's the next big title for the ps3 coming out? anything exclusive?

hopefully game developers will be able to squeeze more out of the ps3 in the future

This thread makes redeye cry

I tried to look for wiis last week I couldn't find any, but every store had multiple PS3 s

When did Japan become a land of North Korean level 1 Pokemon?

Wiis are selling like hotcakes. I've seen plenty of PS3 boxes (they're hard to miss - homeless people could practically sleep in them) but I've never seen Wii packaging in person.

I know of lots of parents who haven't ever played video games who are buying them because they look fun and they aren't intimidated by the controller.

And you're kidding yourself if you think the 360 and the PS3 aren't competing this round. I'm a prime example of a "hardcore gamer" (hate that term) who would normally buy all three consoles, but this time around I planned on buying a Wii and sticking with either a 360 or PS3 (I ended up going with the 360). Frankly, I'd rather buy 8 360/Wii games than a single PS3.

pick Xbox 360
consoles sold

market share:
pick PS3
consoles sold

market share:
pick Wii
consoles sold

Sony is setting itself up for one of the biggest "first to last" turn arounds of all time at this rate.

Wii is a family gaming console, not a hardcore gamer's console. So comparing it to 360 and PS3 is just silly. Not dissing the Wii, just saying it has a different audience is all. Wii is great for people with younger kids.

I don't understand the hardcore gamer hating on the wii idea. Most hardcore gamers I know care more about gameplay than graphics.

I just looked at the ebay prices for the PS3.....they are ALL under retail price...amazing.

I have a Wii and i am an hardcore gamer, I also have a 360. The reason i dont considers them competitors is the way they are marketed , they dont aim for the same goal, one wants to be the entertainment unit in your living room , while the other want to be family fun time. That being said , nintendo will never forget about the hardcore gamers, and keep releasing game like Zelda and metroid, but they are more aiming to the Brain age academie market this gen.

somebody here at work is trying to move 6 ps3's I think. He's been steadily moving his price down... LOL. I think he's at 625 and 725 respectively for the different hard drive sizes.

Man, this cat's taken a beating by posting it on the employee public board. He originally was asking 1200 or OBO. LOL!


Tell him to look at Ebay...he may as well try and return some of them...he's going to get hosed.

Any time you see and/or hear someone claim a number in regards to how many units Sony has sold of a particular console you should immediately throw it out the window. Sony doesn't release that number to the public. Sony only releases their units shipped numbers.

walked into Frye's last night to find a new TV stand and there were notes
posted up all over the game department saying that PS3's were in stock.
Dozens of people walked past them without so much as a second glance.
I don't think anybody cares anymore.

If Sony hopes to keep it's dream alive, they'll just need some monster game title exclusives to inspire us to drop the cash on the system.

I don't see the Blue Ray thing really being a legitimate draw for the masses... at this time... in the future... who knows?

And as for a media center... most of the current consoles offer this at a minimum now. It all still comes down to the games. Get the games, and you'll get the gamers. Try to hype the machine without really focusing on games is always a poor strategy when you're trying to market to gamers. Who are the ones willing to drop big bucks on a console. Sony now needs to focus on games. Without big title games, exclusives, etc, they are going to have a tough time.


Tell him to look at Ebay...he may as well try and return some of them...he's going to get hosed."

Yeah, Govnor I was confused as to why he wasn't trying to move them on Ebay. He may be using Ebay as well, I don't know. I do know that his original $1200/OBO price on the public board where most of these people are redneck hunters and small town family people made him look extremely retarded. At the prices he's now at, I think he'd be happy just to return them or get retail at least for them. I guess some ideas are better than others. LOL!


Anyone who wants a PS3 can get one at bestbuy.com for retail price.