Who wants to see JMM/Pacquiao 5?

Just watched the fight again and there's no doubt these two are legendary match-ups that have been classic fights every time out. I had Marquez winning three of the four fights but man are they all good fights I would have Pacquiao have a tune up fight and then make the 5th fight. Phone Post

Its just to risky to have them fight again immediately there's no doubt Manny might be cautious first fight back. Phone Post

All the fights have been great and they are coming off the FOTY and KOTY so people will def want to see how Manny responds to that knockout.

I personally dont see the need for it, clearly JMM is the better fighter, he won the last two fights according to most people and you can make a case he won the second fight and possibly the first.

But its all about money and hype and thats a fight that will generate interest so it probably will happen.

Pacquio gets floored by UberMarquez again.

I have a feeling if they fight again and it goes the distance Pacman takes a controversial decision. If there is knockout either one could pull it off. Phone Post

I would love to see it! I went to the 4th fight and it was the best and coolest sporting event I ever attended! I will no doubt attend the 5th as well.

Don't understand the appeal of constant rematches... Phone Post

Why not now. Arum messed up the Paq/Money super fight. I am sure Paq (if he still wants to be a fighter) has a desire to get revenge for his KO.

I thought Marquez won 3 of 4 too and have made the mistake of not watching them live after the 2nd fight but would definitely watch the 5th live. Phone Post

Willin - 

Don't understand the appeal of constant rematches... Phone Post

this one has the illusion of making the biggest draw in combat sports feel like an outsider.

JMM put on a boxing clinic in the 3rd bout. didnt see the fourth one, but i keep hearing he only one 'cause he was on some MMA gear. hope its not true

Willin - 

Don't understand the appeal of constant rematches... Phone Post

Do you understand the appeal of watching great fights? Afterall, that is what all of us fight fans want in the end is it not? I will support two great fighters getting in there and putting their hearts and skills on display over any bullshit about rankings or belts these days. What is it you're after.......a fight between so and so and so and so to determine who is the top contender for a IBF, or WBA, or WBC belt? Maybe the IBO belt? 

It's always about watching exciting fights, and these guys bring it every single fucking time out. I wish I could take them back ten years and watch them fight each other twice a year. It would never get old, and they don't even have to hate (or pretend to hate) each other. I've been a huge Marquez fan for years (my personal favorite since Barerra retired, and I love Pacman as well, and I love the fact that there is nothing else necessary to pump up their fights, other than the pure display of the sweet science at it's best. 

Bring on number five..........fast!

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Does anyone know the judges' scorecards before the knockout?

I def wanna see this fight, I don't give a fuck what people are saying Phone Post

pacman was up by a point on all cards.

i'll watch the 5th fight, they've all been amazing displays of boxing. what's not to like?

Of course I would. None of the fights have been boring, they are 2 of the best fighters boxing has. People complain that they have fought 4 times but all of those fights have been exciting. I'd rather watch them fight as many times as they want than watch a lay an pray MMA fight. Phone Post