who was atlas talking about?

on friday night fights last week, they were talking about the boxing bill that was passed that would form the USBC. atlas said that it would set up medical examinations for boxers and that a certain high profile heavyweight is in a shape that he could die next time he gets in the ring. anyone have any idea who this is? my guess it is holyfield.

I was thinking Floyd Patterson.

Maybe Foreman cuz of all the talk of him coming back?

could be alot of guys. Bowe immediately comes to mind. Atlas may have some inside info about a medical problem that someone is concealing. I wouldn't think Holyfield. He's shot, but as long as he isn't in with a top 10 HW, I think he'd be ok

I was thinking Michael Grant.

Wlad ?

he said a high level heavyweight on many prospects lists or he said a high level heavyweight prospect, so im not sure who it would be. my money is still on holyfield.