Who was in Sylvias corner?

Who was in Tim Sylvias corner? I noticed this guy that looks a lot like Jason Statham (with more hair) that came out with Tim Sylvia. If you watch it, you'll notice him right before Tim Sylvia enters the octagon.

Does anyone know who that guy is?


Mike Ciesnolevicz was in Tim's corner with Matt & Pat.

Does Mike have any fights? Is he a decent fighter?

Mike is fighting in Iowa tomorrow night at Title Fight Championship. Yes, he is a good fighter.

I am sitting here right now with Mike. He is one of Tim's main training partners. He fights at 205, and is one of Pat's rising stars! He fights tomorrow night (I am helping corner him), and his record is 6-0!

Oh yeah...He is also my long lost brother! :)

Oh yeah...www.mikecies.com :)

Mike C is the man, good luck tomarrow brotha!


So that's what Mike C looks like?

ttt for Mike C to quit using MY screen name!!! ;) j/k!


Yes, that would be Ben Uker! He is back to training, but as far as what he has coming up, you would have to ask Monte, as I am not sure?

Email me Frankie! :)

Ps. Congrats to Mike on his dominating victory tonight! :)