Who was more enhanced: GSP or Usman?

Who is on more sauce in their primes? Both are/were obviously on gear, but who is more geared up?

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Considering how Gsp looks these days he has no signs of juicing.

Gsp was one of the most active fighters to demand doping control so I really think Gsp was clean his whole career. He also has talked extensively that peds in Ufc was one of his decisions to take a break. The strain of knowing many of his competitors was using PEDs and being clean yourself.


Probably about equal amounts of gear. That would be my guess.

I want an equal amount of gear in every fighter. An equal amount.


Never saw pimples on gsp and he still has hair, so clearly usman


Then promptly retired


More than a year before USADA testing was implemented by the UFC. Stop trying to rewrite history.


It’s not like GSP had some weird bumps on his abs or anything.
Even when he first won the belt vs Matt Hughes 2
he clearly was natty.

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Or a gay frenchy accent

usman imo

Don’t you ruin their fantasies!

Even GSP got tired in some fights. Usman is on some next level shit.

Do you know how long that will take?

You and me, man?

Usman is so ripped , even by African standards. His heart must be the size of a cows by now

Anyone who really believes GSP is clean and never used, is either a compete retard, or a nationalistic Canadian that can’t admit the obvious fact that is staring them right in the face.

Lol @ he called for more stringent testing. Yeah, for 1 fight. 1 fight, and then he retired. That’s how he proved he never used his entire career according to GSP fans. The dumbest bunch of people on the planet.

He dominated that division boringly, for years, with the help of steroids. That’s the truth.


Gsp was on gear, c’mon lol


I’m a big GSP fan, but I think he was using during the first half of his UFC career. Just like everyone else. IMO, he was clean after the ACL injury. I believe he used that injury as an excuse to get clean and if he wasn’t the same fighter as before, he could use the injury as the excuse, not his prior PED usage.

The CEO of EPO Marty Juiceman


This. That is why he is the GOAT imo. Also he is Canadian they don’t juice