Who was more enhanced: GSP or Usman?

Do you know how long that’s going to take?

Gsp back and legs was big, especially legs, but he isnt changed a lot , definetly has big calfs and tights atm, is he lighter or heaver then his usual fight weight? Sean sherk was looking like little hulk, gsp not so much just big legs and wide frame, compared to costa who was was fat and losing to amatuers and instantly all natty, beating everyone, and loosing hair
Marty is too having some hair issues with bad acne
Gsp was talking in his first joe rogan podcast about then somebody offered him to come and do some test that would had shown what his body is missing and add it to his system

Never popped. Pushed for more stringent testing. Came back and won the middleweight title in the usada era. I bet he’s going to be the only WW / MW Champ Champ ever.

Who’d he beat that you loved? BJ? Diaz? Deal with it, he’s the natty goat. He’d stomp a hole through Khabob too.


I’ll start by saying he was my favorite fighter. From performance in the cage to outside how he carried himself he was a star without having to be an ass hole to get views on social.
I want to believe GSP was natty all the way and I can defend the stance. (No obvious signs later in life of usage, still has hair aged appropriately, campaigned for testing, came back at MW in USADA, got tired in fights etc etc)
But I can also give credence that he might have juiced as well.

oh and Usman 100% looks like he is juiced to the fucking gills

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Never saw the pics of him with the bumps on his abs before, that threw me off. But I already thought if he was on something It would have been epo, not steroids, the way he looks now doesn’t fit to steroids.

GSPs body has not changed much at all for the last 20 years well apart from his legs but once you do a Acl your bound to lose some mass.

You guys need to chill with the whole “his body never changed” shit. if you do a quick google image search for GSP, you can see that he was much bigger, and much leaner at stages in his career. Does that mean he cheated? Nah, but you guys act like he’s looked exactly the same the whole time, and he hasn’t.

There are times pictures have floated around of him claiming to be below 170, and potentially coming back at 155, and there are pictures of him looking fucking huge…and he’s always lean. Does that mean he’s cheating? Nope, but dude looks to have gained and lost 20+ pounds at various points, and has never looked chubby.

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Lol don’t waste your time with facts. GSP’s body never changed, he never cheated, the end.

Usman. (Edited)

Lol I won’t. But could you tell me?

If you actually look at his body at various stages in his career, his body most definitely changed. Just because he was always lean doesn’t mean it was always the same. There are times he absolutely looked bigger than others. It’s harder to spot on a guy like him who never got chubby, but his body for sure changed. That doesn’t mean he’s dirty, but it also doesn’t mean he’s clean because he didn’t have a crazy dramatic gain in fat like some other guys.

Even if you don’t think his body changed, there’s tons of shit you can take that doesn’t make you bulky.

Again, not saying he’s dirty, but the “his body never changed” is a dumb argument.

His body has definitely changed exactly like you said. I would bet that he used “supplements” for at least the majority of his fighting career. I was just joking that many in this thread won’t even hear of it despite any evidence that would point to it.

GSP was and is ahead of the curve in many ways

Usman has the weight & science of the UFC behind him & looking the other way benignly

I would be genuinely surprised if it came out GSP had been a juicer. He was a master martial artist and a freak athlete, and that’s what he looked like. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d dabbled at some point (99% of these guys have used something once) but I don’t think he was strategically cheating through his title run and return to 185.

You’re probably right…but it really depends on how clean you think the sport is. Meaning, if you’re someone that says “yoel romero is likely clean, he’s a freak athlete that has been tested his whole life, looked like that when he competed in the olympics too” etc then yes, GSP is likely the same.

However, I also hear people posting all the time about how the cheats are always ahead of the testing, and passing tests his whole life doesn’t mean anything and “just look at Yoel, it’s obvious!”

It really depends on where you fall in those arguments. To state the obvious, GSP was the best athlete, was bigger and leaner than most of his opponents, and almost never got tired…in an era with no real drug testing.

The same can be said about Usman, except he’s doing it in the USADA era. So I think it’s crazy to say that it’s obvious Usman is cheating, and there’s no chance GSP was. Other than being better than everyone else, along with being big and lean, and never getting tired, there’s no evidence either guy cheated…and Usman is doing it in an era with stronger testing, so I think it’s really hard to argue that he’s likely cheating but GSP was likely clean.

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Jim Rome just channeled his inner Elias and said Usman is “handsome…classy and elegant”
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