who was ref for schultz vs. chris?

i watched the fight a few times, and the ref should be reviewed as to
whether or not he continues reffing... that stoppage was horrible, and
horodecki is lucky to not be VERY injured right now.

utter garbage w/ the delay in stoppin that fight.

kevin mullhall. he's a great ref with years and years of experience. quit crying.

even with years of experience, a fuck-up like that should be reviewed.

It wasn't THAT bad.


to his credit it looked like horodecki was defending....unfortunately he failed at defending any of those bombs.

What is with this sport and all the pussy's lately? Are we not watching fights? You know violence right? WHile the stoppage was a little late, I haven't heard Hordeski complain about it, so neither should you.

"...I haven't heard Hordeski complain about it, so neither should you."

that is the dumbest shit i've ever heard. what the hell is he gonna say?
"yeah, he was really beating my ass, i wish the ref would've stopped that

even if chris thought that, he wouldn't say it. jeebus.

i'm just saying, the stoppage was late. its okay if you disagree.

Wasnt late! chris was striking back NOT tapping out, the second he stopped being conscious Kev stopped it.

Ulgy or not, Chris had a Free hand and Mouth - He Coulda tapped or yelled, he chose to strike at schultz instead.

and besides if he stopped it a second earlier all the FANBOYS of C.H woulda cried "Too Soon!"

just forget about it...Kev is an awesome ref and he played a tough call exactly right. So your mad..who cares


LOL @ anyone thinking Chris would quit before he was unconscious.

That kid has no quit in him.