who was royce gracies best win?

the way i see it is royce is good and he can sub anyone but the level of competition is way different. when you look at mat hughes fights and wins and then at royce's there is concern. matt hughes has constantly dominated the best guys in the world at 170 barring a couple. the best competiton royce has faced(yoshida-sakuraba) beat him and if not beat at least controlled enough to get the nod.kimo was whipping his ass and tore him out his clothes. ken shamrock swole his eye shut. these guys while being bigger than royce, are not top of the food chain. while matt was fighting guys like trigg and newton and verrissimo royce is fighting guys like akebono. another thing to look at is in almost 50 fights which is way more than royce hughes has never lost a decision. he has only four losses as well. and my final point is royce is used to fighting bigger guys. this time he is the bigger guy. he will be out of his element and not wearing a gi is detrimental to his success. thats my two cents and while a think gracie can win, i dont think he will.

The win against Severn stands out in my mind.

does that make him that good though? the guy fought a guy that wore one boxing glove.

Art Jimmerson and his glove revolutionized MMA.

I am still going for royce, the man is a true warrior, it takes major balls to do what he has done and is doing with this fight... he is putting himself in the deep end.

I hope he subs matt hughes.

What made him good was that he was 175 pounds and would beat 4 guys in one night.Thats right 4 GUYS IN ONE NIGHT...did I say 4  GUYS IN ONE NIGHT?.Well, I meant to say 4 guys in one night!!!

I have two fights that were Royce's best wins.

One is fight with Hackney right before he fought severn and his fight with Kimo.

I found a fight of Royce on youtube that is against Bobby Ologun he taps Ologun in the 2nd round, why does it not show up on either guys record?

Yoshida 2 would have to be his best.

Everyone that claims 'if there were judges' at Ken/Royce2, then Royce would have lost.

Same logic has to apply to the 2nd Yoshida fight. Complete and utter domination.

y.o.s.h.i.d.a. I.I.

crowbar is correct.

His MMA fight with Yoshida is easily Royces best performance. Yoshida wouldve beaten any of Royces other opponents IMHO...

  1. Ken Shamrock
  2. Dan Severn
  3. Yoshida
  4. Kimo
  5. Gerard Gordeau
  6. Pat Smith

I always liked his fight against Hackney.

severn was the most impressive. i was the only one saying he would win that fight, among my friends.


He beat Takada, a man with whom Cro Cop was lucky to walk away with a draw.

ken was the best guy royce beat.

hackney showed his widest range of skill

The Yoshida "win" was his best IMO.

1 Dan Sevrn

After loosing to Royce he went on to completely dominate, winning UFC 5 and the Ultimate Ultimate

2 Jason Delucia

He wasn't ignorant of BJJ when he faced Royce, seeing as it was technically his second match with Royce (GIA). Delucia Went on to submit Funaki in his next fight after Royce and he also beat Kondo, Minowa, Lytle, and Suzuki.

3 Yoshida

It isn't higher on the list because there were no judges so it officially stands as a draw. After a long period of inactivity he takes on a man who submitted Frye and gave Silva a tough fight. Since their fight Yoshida has submitted one of Pride's top heavyweights...but he was completely outclassed by Royce.


Ken Shamrock

Ken had 4 professional fights before taking on Royce, he also ha a very significant weight edge. After loosing to Royce Shamrock went on to submit Rutten, Mos Smith, Dan Severn, and eventually give Fujita (a current top hw) a great fight. He barely lasted a minute with Royce.

"Same logic has to apply to the 2nd Yoshida fight. Complete and utter domination."

Lol. Royce definitely did not come anywhere close to "complete and utter domination". In fact Royce was losing until Yoshida gassed. Even then Royce couldn't do anything to him.