Who was the 1st MMA.TV poster to..

I've been here on MMA.TV since way before it was MMA.TV. We've have a lot of fighters post on here before (only to run off by the 13 year olds) and we've had a quite a few guys start as members only to start a mma career.

Who was the 1st regular contributing member to make it to the UFC?

Jeremy Horn.

Jeremy was on at the very beginning of the UG on fightingtalk.com

Juan Mott. (j/k, skillrules is correct I think)

Paging Kirik!!

Kirik wasn't a member.

Hey Skill...what was the email group called? I used to check fightingtalk.com constantly my first year of college, and I was also on an email list, which is where I "met" most of the old schoolers on this site.

"Duncan McCloud"

of the clan macleod?

The email list was called the Combat List I think.

I checked the Fighting Talk all the time too. I can't believe that I have been on this site for so damn long. Freaking insane....easily like 7-10 years.

Yup...I was on the combat list in August of 1998, when I went away to college. Small group of fans back then :)

Quik, yeah Mit is correct.

And there is a pretty funny story behind how the Frank Shamrock- Jeremy Horn fight was made. Frank was coming off two big, fast wins in the UFC. He beat Jackson and Zinoviev both in less than 25 seconds. His next fight was supposed to be a lesser opponent and Frank actually got to hand pick who he wanted to fight out of a list of about 5 guys who never fought in the UFC. It was supposed to be an easy fight for him. He didnt have too much info and ended up picking Jeremy Horn. He had a rude awakening.

Oh, I never told anyone, because I was told off-the-record.