Who was the judge?

Anyone know who it was that actually Cecil'd it 30-27 for Guillard? And was it the same judge that Cecil'd it 29-28 for Pickett?!

Thank you Joe for the public blasting after the Guillard fight, that was ridiculous scoring.

Yeah, I thought I heard that wrong and looked it up a few minutes later. 30-27 Guillard was nuts!

I wasn't complaining about Pickett, though. I had him in a parlay, haha. Phone Post

Haha yeah I hear ya, its a different story when ya have money down.

Crazy though... when TWO judges have it 30-27 for one fighter and the other judge has it 30-27 for the other fighter, just WOW.

Two judges had it 30-27 for Wineland and one judge had it 29-28 for Pickett. It's gotta be same judge...

I was thinking that judge would give jds a couple rounds as well hahah Phone Post

this shit should be headline news these clowns can easily cost a fighter a win. thank god we had 2 other judges with eyes Phone Post

That judge was obviously payed off. Phone Post

In pretty sure it was Adelaide Byrd Phone Post

The judge that gave it to Guillard was Adalaide Byrd.

The judge that gave it to Pickett was Mark Smith.