Who whooped Rampage worse?

Would you say Wanderlei or Shogun?

It's tough to decide because both guys beat Rampage down hard! One thing Quinton didn't have to worry about with Chuck was the clinch. Shogun and Wanderlei completely overwhelmed Rampage and never allowed him to fight his fight. They just kept attacking and eventually clinching up and destroying Jackson with knees. I guess Chute Box has the UFC champs number!

Even though Wand KO'd Jackson, or maybe it's because I've seen the fight more recently, but I give the better overall ass-kicking to Shogun because the guy just dominated him more in every facet of the game!

QJ-Silva 2 was a horror movie

Shogun with all the soccer kicks to the face

It's a tough call to make. Silva was smiling the whole time he was dishing out his vicious beating. He had a look in his eyes like he knew Quinton was in big trouble.

Even still, Shogun just completely destroyed him standing, on the ground, in the clinch! Just complete domination.

Not even a comparison IMO - Rampage didn't take nearly as much punishment from Shogun, as soon as his rib was broken that was the end of the fight. Shogun hit him a few times after that and he just covered up.

Silva just destroyed him - what was it, 29 unanswered knees or something ridiculous like that landed from the clinch? The shot of him laying on the bottom rope all bloody & KO'd is very telling.

Falling headfirst and unconscious through the ropes, blood from his head forming a pool on the mat, total beatdown by Wanderlei. Definitely kind of ugly to see. Completely outclassed on every level.

fight #2, the worst one the ending like Naughty Gorilla was like a horror movie.

the beating he took from silva is legendary

I think Shogun beat him worse, but he took a worse beating from Wanderlai

If anyone knows what im saying,

"Falling headfirst and unconscious through the ropes, blood from his head forming a pool on the mat"

  • 'Nuff said. The face-plant and his head and body hanging limply through the ropes was honestly disturbing and scary.

Silva rearranged Rampages face. Shogun tkoed him but Rampage was hurt from a body shot n didnt get koed. Silva tkoed him and then put him to sleep. I would root for Rampage if they were to fight again and cringe the first time Silva grabs a thai clinch.

Silva also got knocked down and was in serious trouble at the end of the first round in their second fight. Rampage came out flat in the second for some reason and Silva took advantage.
Shogun beat Rampage from start to finish. I would consider that a worse beating.


Silva no question.

Wand/Rampage 2 was an amazing fight

lol @ the sensitive fans saying it was hard to watch

Silva had more time to hurt Rampage since Rampage is so tough.

Rampage also landed his shots against Silva, and made it into a fight.

Shogun just ran over Rampage. It was one sided downhill the whole way.

Silva did more damage because the fight was closer and went longer.

Shogun looked like he was the only one in the ring.

Shogun dominated him. The second Silva fight was more compettive than many are making it out to be. Although it was a sweet finish by Wand.

It's true, that fight was very violent and competitive, Wand also took his

share of punishment. The funny thing was Rampage on the telephone

during the execution of the brazilian national anthem, which pissed the

whole CB team... I don't think he will try that again.

Shogun beat Rampage easier than Silva did. Both Silva/Rampage fights were competitive up until the end, and it was anyones guess who would win up until the last minute. Shogun just crushed Rampage in a pretty one-sided match. But Rampage probably got hurt worse in the Silva fights.

Silva did more damage (big cut over eye, broken nose, knocked unconscious and leaking blood), but Shogun had a more dominating fight.

In both his fights with Silva, Rampage at least had some offense. He may have even finished Silva if the first round was longer in the second one. Shogun completely dominated.

Chuck, vicious head butts to the fists.