Who will be @ AFC on the 30th??

I'm flying up to Miami to visit friends and catch the fights (in support of my boy Rory Singer). Who will be there? I'd love to stop and say hello.

PS: it would help if you gave your name and an idea of how i could find you..

In my best Michael Jackson voice:  I'll be there**

If i didnt' have to fuckin WORK i would have fuckin gone, ive been wantin to meet up with Rory since i knew he lived just south of me....


LMAO @ Carlao...thanks for the memories...

Carlao i would love to say hi...send me an mma mail on how/where i can find you bro...

I will introduce you to Carlao Nelson. Can't wait to see you bro. I cannot return your email. Something wrong with it.

No prob Rory..can't wait to get there.....why the damn opponent changes?..nobody want a piece of Rory?..=)

ill be there with 10 hot brazilian girls on the stage, with beer in hand and ATT shirt.

joe bambino

Oh and by the way....spoke to Charles and he got me in touch with Marcos to make sure i got my ticket to the event.....i'll be the one ringside constantly yelling "KNEE..KNEEEEEEEEE...KNEEEE THAT MARICON IN THE HEAD!!!!!!!"

Joe..i will find you because i need to find Puma and knee him in the nuts for letting the hurricane season fuck up my plans to spend a week at ATT....lol =)

i dont know if i am yet, but i do know that if you are registered at globalmma.com, before today, Carlao from AFC is holding some kinda contest for VIP tickets and a hotel room.