Who Will Be At UCF Dec 22nd?

I will be there with some guys from the Team and we have one guy fighting, Johnny Gaul. 

Anyone else going to fight, coach, watch, etc.?

This is going to be a great show and there is a girls fight that should be very solid on the card as well.    

What promotion are you talking about? Havent heard anything about it.... I might be interested in checking it out.

I thought the CFC was postponed.....or is this Levines promotion.


I'm there


Formerly Ultimate Cage Fights, now it's Unified Cage Fights.

It's in Ft. Myers next weekend.

I have someone on the card, see you there Ben.

^ Cool.

Tell your guy I said good luck, Mike.

Good Luck Sickboy!

i will be there

SickBoy is the man.We all want to wish him good luck!!He's good people,and a BAMF!!

Murphy, I hear there are some emo-kids looking to set up a fight with you in the future?

Ben,what style of fighter is sick going against?

Full Tilt Sick Boy is fighting against a wrestler, He has been working a lot on his stand up and escapes. I am sure he will do well.

tom you bring the burritos to cover myself in and im down as fuck


Steve is correct. 

Anyone got any info on Matt Sposato, for some reason I feel like I recognize the name from my HS wrestling days?

GO SICK!!Sprawl n brawl