Who will be MMA'S Canseco??

It's only a matter of time before a disgruntled/retired vet blows the lid off of the PED abuse in MMA. Who do you think it will be?

Ken Shamrock already did but no one listened to him. Phone Post 3.0

Tito Phone Post 3.0

Cung or GSP Phone Post 3.0

RAMPAGE....loose cannon, dont give a , know what I'm sayin............and I LIKE Rampage from since the PRIDE days

My thought was Baroni. He's been around along time and has been in many many camps.

Cody Mckenzie is gonna blow the lid one of these days. Phone Post 3.0

Ken tried, Cung and GSP will not be the guys because they will not admit to use, Leben is coming out with a tell all book but I doubt it will focus on PEDS, Couture is not going to ruin his reputation, Bonnar.. No, Bigfoot, Vitor, Rampage, Silva, Sonnen, no no no no. I think there is only one MMA fighter to be MMA's Canseco and that man is Jose Canseco Phone Post 3.0

Gonna have to be someone from a major camp. Phone Post 3.0

DirtehSneakehs - Cole Konrad Phone Post 3.0
Vu Phone Post 3.0

Sean salmon Phone Post 3.0

Honestly GSP might be the guy Phone Post 3.0

Will MMA's Canseco go to baseball for abit? Whats the true criteria here? What if Canseco will be MMA's Canseco?! Phone Post 3.0

Whoever is stupid enough to shoot their finger off I guess... Phone Post 3.0

Mike Dolce Phone Post 3.0

WES SIMS Phone Post 3.0

Chael Sonnen, but no one will believe him.

Melvin Guillard has traveled quite a bit and trained at a bunch of different camps. He definitely knows some dirt on current fighters. Phone Post 3.0