Who will be offered for #1 Oden?

It's been leaked that Carmello Anthony was offered for the #1 pick but that Portland turned it down.

Makes you wonder what other franchise guys are getting thrown under the bus for Greg Oden.

We should offer Kobe IMO

If this guy really turns out to be what everyone is saying he should be, then there are only a few safe guys in the league. Well, really one... Duncan. I could see any other superstar getting gambled for this guy.

Source?? I don't see Melo rumor anywhere (espn, cnnsi, cbssportsline,
realgm and hoopshype

Ran across is on RealGM.com

I tried to go into a Denver forum and it was brought up but half angrily denied it while others discussed the possibiliy of it happened.

Personally, I don't doubt it for one second.

I was about to say, loyalty would keep my from trading Duncan for Oden.

I'm think this may be our last title shot for awhile, but you never know. What if Billups and Wallace decide to join us for a million dollars each ;)

  1. Trade Duncan for Oden

  2. Wait for Duncan's contract to run out

  3. Duncan signs with the Spurs for the MLE, and you have Robinson/Duncan pt.2

Yougottawanna has a point. But I think it runs out in 3 or 4 years. That's a long wait.


lol @ Duncan being the greatest PF of all time

LOL @ Dirk being league MVP!!

if Duncan isnt the best PF of all time who is?

dangerboy12, just off yourself

"if Duncan isnt the best PF of all time who is?"

Someone's who actually a PF. Duncan is the sixth-best center of all time.

Lots of people I would not trade for Oden - Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Nash, Amare. I would not trade TD either - Oden is a few years away from his peak. By then the Spurs's window may be closed.

Duncan is the third best center of all-time.

So San anonio has started 2 centers over the last 10 years? Has any other team in the history of NBA basketball started 2 centers for a whole season? I dont even think the rockets ever did. And Tim always guards his position, which is PF most of the time.

Tim is a PF full time, and a center part time. Just because he's 6'11" doesn't mean he's not a PF. By that type of logic Magic Johnson is the greatest power forward of all time then. And Charles Barkley was a stellar shooting guard.

Trade Duncan for Oden?!?! Whaaaaattttt? Are you guys freaking crazy?

No way LA trades Kobe for Durant or Oden. At best, Durant becomes Kobe, but that's no guarantee. Oden is a different type of player, but come on. Kobe is one of the top 5 players in the NBA right now (Kobe, Wade, Duncan, Lebron, Nash). There is no guarantee Oden will be at that level ever. Did you see him play this year? His offensive game is terrible, worse than Mutombo's game at the same time.

Dirk is a tougher call. Depends if he can develop the post up game to go against smaller players with long arms.

"His offensive game is terrible, worse than Mutombo's game at the same time."

He had 25 points against Florida....with his left hand.

I think the big fellas offensive game will be just fine. On Ewings level...maybe not. But good enough...plus, Portland has Aldridge and Roy. Those guys can take up the slack. Now all they need is a small forward...Noccioni?