Who will be the next UFC Champion?

So we have five UFC champions at this moment. Who do you think will be the next (the first guy to upset the champ)?

I don't think Forrest or fitch is going to take it. I'd say Lyoto is the next champ.


Jason Thacker

egoki11a - UFC champion doesnt mean shit anymore.

Except that the number one fighter in four of the five important weight classes are UFC champions. I guess that doesn't mean shit, retard.

thacker FTW!

 Rich and Anderson can/will own Ameida. And if those fights happen i'll bet my SN on it.

No love for Frank Mir?

 Griffin, in about 2 1/2 days!

"Frank Mir will beat Nog, I'll make that bet when the time comes"

Only way that happens is Nog getting caught very early in the fight by sub....and I DOUBT that happens.

^^^ No fucking way Mir subs Big Nog

Forrest baby!

Title fights completely revolve around the gay reality show now.

No UFC title fight can happen now, unless they wait a year to film another season of the gay reality show first.

Zuffa has made it abundantly clear that the gay reality show is more important than the sport itself.

Title fights completely revolve around the gay reality show now.

Eh, it's a semi legit gripe, except the fact that the Reality show has produced top 10 fighters.

Im sure I will be flamed away but I think Nog will lose the strap quicker than any of the other champs.
If BJ stays at 155 he's holding the belt for a while
GSP the same Although him vs alves would be interesting
Silva dont see who can even come close
rampage might have some issues with lyoto, hell Griffin might be the chamo in 2 days but dont see it.
Nog looks to be fading. how much longer can a guy who absorbs that much punishment be at the top? He was basically out with that head kick from Herring and Sylvia beat his ass up and down till the sub. If Werdum gets a shot I see him beating Nog by decision and ability to not get subbed while doing damage on the ground

I think the title in 205 is toilet paper because most of the top fighters there can't even beat half the division, or will lose to 3-4

Tristan Yunker

Marcus Aurelio has the skill set to beat BJ Penn, if he can stay on track through 4-5 more wins...which is very tough I know

I'm taking Alves over GSP if that fight ever happens.

I think Rampage will lose the belt the quickest, just because there are so many damn good fighters at 205. It seems like everyone loses to everyone in that weight class with little rhyme or reason. I think it'll be Lyoto, but wouldn't be suprised if it was Forrest i guess.

 LOL @ Silva not getting the hype. He is moving to 205 and is being given the opportunity to fight for the title in two weight classes.

I bet all the other fighters wish they were treated as shitty as Silva.

Besides that Chuck and Hughes have been UFC champions for years. Rampage has fought for the title twice and was unknown among the newb fans before his arrival in the states. But Rampage's KO over Chuck was front page news on Yahoo and he was made a coach on TUF. I don't see how anyone can say Rampage isn't being promoted. That's retarded.


Machida has a great chance if given the opportunity by Zuffa.

BJ has a reasonable shot at beating GSP in the rematch too.