who will be upset?

Out of the underdogs on UFC 100,who do you guys think will pull out the upset win?I'm pretty sure Hendo's a sure thing in his fight with Bisping,but i can see Mir upsetting Lesnar and Thiago upsetting GSP...
So,what do you guys think?Who's the most likely to get beat out of the top 3 favorites?

 Alves will upset GSP.

I got Belcher. UFC Jitters FTW!

Belcher could pull it out, but I think Mir can beat Brock. Im not sure if Mir should be the underdog though. They are pretty even.

Mir, Bisping, Belcher

In order of Liklihood, completely IMO

1. T.J. Grant
2. Michael Bisping
3. Alan Belcher
4. Frank Mir
5. Thiago Alves
6. Jake O'Brien
7. Mac Danzig
8. Tom Lawlor
9. Mark Coleman
10. Paulo Thiago

paulo's the biggest underdog on bodog at the moment at +375...i'm thinking about betting a little money...nothing big just maybe playing with about 50 bucks or soo,but mma is tough to bet on,so i want to bet wise,if there's such a thing!!

I also have a feeling that Colemans going to beat Bonnar via blanket and g&p...

Hus - I got Belcher. UFC Jitters FTW!

dude does concerts for packed stadiums and shit!

runway modeling and chit son!

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