Who will defend their belt first, McG or Bisping?

I'm guessing Conor never goes back to 145. Bisping is begging for an over the hill guy who's lost and been KOd by Mousasi and Vitor twice. He doesn't want a top 5 contender. So who defends first? Phone Post 3.0

Almost certainly Bisping... UFC204 in the UK October?

Count Phone Post 3.0

I love the way the whole UG was clamouring for Hendo to get a rematch, and now Bisping has said he'd be happy for that, he doesn't wanna fight anyone top 5.

He just beat Anderson and Rockhold in a fucking row. He's never given a fuck who he fights, or where Phone Post 3.0

He do is my favorite fighter of all time. But in no way shape or form does he deserve a title shot. For fuck sake this isn't the wwe. He's 3-6 in his last 9. In what universe does a one fight win streak against a non-top 20 MW merit a title shot? It's beyond retarded. Phone Post 3.0

^Hendo. Phone Post 3.0