Who will make a MMA live chat room

Will this ever happen?

It would be nice to chat live with people about MMA. The message boards are cool, but for those of us that can type, it would be nice to chat in real time.

I wonder if this will ever come to be. There are many chat rooms and I don't think it would be too hard to make one. I guess it might be a bitch keeping it going.

Is MMA even popular enough to need a live chat? If D & D people can have many chat rooms, surely MMA could thrive.

TTT, been waiting since about 1998.

Not really talking about voices. More live chat, in type. I don't know that I would want to hear the voice mode either. Real time typing would be a nice start.

Umm, there's been several for many years now.
Like #sakuraba in IRC on Efnet. There are others on that same network like #ufc etc. Been there for several years. Sakuraba I think has been there since 2002 at least.

There are quite a few on EFnet IRC. check out #mma-tv

MMAWeekly has a pretty packed live chat every morning from 9am-10am during the radio show.

MMA Weekly chat is, weak. They boot you for silly shit, or they used to.

Where can I find these UFC ones your talking about? Any links?

People rarely get booted from the MMA Weekly chat - I'm one of the mods and I've only ever booted a few people, and they were genuinely annoying.

There was a chat room on this board but it was never used so they removed it.


Keegan - it was only for bluenamers, wasn't it?

Ring Girl, I believe it was and that probably contributed to its minimal usage.