Who will reprosent Team USA??


A lot of fans have wondered over the years whether MMA would ever be considered as a sport for the Olympics and the quick answer is yes, it may. The question was recently posed to Dana White in an interview with the OregonLive:

"That's always been my goal, and it will happen. It will be awesome. I know there have been talks, but no one has approached me."

The talk has increased as MMA's popularity has hit its stride and found main stream acceptance so adding the sport to the olympics would be a logical step sometime down the road.

For fans of MMA the scenario would be a dream come true with top fighters fromaround the world wearing their nation's colors before stepping into a ring or cage for national pride alone.

Of course all of this is a but premature and likely years if not a decade or more ahead of anything actually happening. The Olympics are a long drawn out process with cities picked out many, many years in advance and sports being added or subtracted from the Olympic equation at about the same pace.

Is MMA going to be added to next years summer Olympics? Absolutely not but 2012 isn't that far away and the thought of adding MMA to the mix of sports already competing on the worlds biggest stage is very, very intriguing.

Hrmm....i believe Randy C will definatley be one. =D

There's no way MMA becomes an Olympic sport until it has a major international sanctioning body, and tons of other stuff.

Don't hold your breath for 2012. I mean, baseball isn't even an Olympic sport. (Anymore.)

Hrmm....i believe Randy C will definatley be one. =D

Good lord..... he'll be 49 years old.

that's completely unrealistic. for starters, MMA has no worldwide amateur structure like judo, wrestling or boxing, and it would take decades to even come close. and do you really think the Olympics, who make boxers wear head protection and stop fights at the first sign of danger, would want to present their viewers something along the lines or Igor vs. Enson? in the unlikely event that MMA ever does become olympic, the rules would be watered down so much that fighters would barely be allowed to touch each other.

Team USA...Randy for Heavy, Chuck, Hendo, or Rampage for Lt.Heavy..Franklin, Baroni, Tanner, Hallman, Horn, Lister, Lutter, or Nate the great for Middle, Hughes, Serra, Lytle, Trigg, or N. Thompson for Welter...Sherk, Fisher, J-Lau, Edgar, Edwards, Ken Flo, Griffin, Guillard, or Joe-Daddy at Lt Wt..And then Pulver for 145

Just think of the Qualifying tourny to get on the team would be like...that would be the super bowl of mma and then the Olympics Super Bowl of all super bowls

I predict on some weight classes it would be Team Brazil v Team Japan for the gold