Who will step up to fight Tito?

Who will step up??

Jeremy Horn (that would be sweet)

Vernon White (hope not!!!)

Ian Freeman (tough call)

Babalu (would be good)

Dan Henderson (too good to be true)

Belfort (too short notice)

Lee Murray (i'm dreaming...)

So who will have the balls to do it?

If he's doing rematches I'm up for it... :)

Seriously, why ask, has Guy dropped out?


It's either Cote or Eastman.

From Inside Fighting .........'Patrick Cote appears to be the first choice as the replacement for Mezger.'

Horn signed a 5 fight deal with another organization

I have tremendous respect for Guy and i wish him quick recovery, i was not doing that thread by lack of respect for him. With St-Pierre's fight, it's the fight i wanted to see next week.

Babalu is training to fight the day after in Brazil against Pele. So his timing as far as training is pretty much perfect. Although its two different types of fighters.

Patrick Cote?? LOL Easy win for Tito then..

Tra can make 205.

WOW--  Tra can make 205 ??


Tra vs Tito-- sounds great to me.


Matyushenko can fight Whitehead in a prelim fight...

Interesting. Tra weighed in at 218 I believe for his fight against Rizzo.

You are correct, Peter, and he wasn't cutting any weight whatsoever.

that will be REALLY lame if they use Cote

obviously it's a tough situation to sign someone on short notice but on the other hand I would think any LHW would jump at the chance to fight Tito. If they lose so what they would still get respect for taking the fight on short notice. and if they win it catapults their career to a whole new level.

truly a no lose situation. The problem is most of the top LHWs are with PRIDE

IMO UFC should puruse in this order:

1 Vitor #2 Babalu #3 Horn #4 Eastman #5 Vernon White

I am sure if Babalu is fighting the next day, that he is under contract. You cant just pay him more to get him to go away.


I would fight tito but I don't think I can lose the weight in a week. I need to come down from 210.

Plus I don't think Dana would pay to have tito bash the shit out of an out of shape couct potato.

me, cause I'm a big fan and would love to get punched by him

I fought Tito once....sort of. I was Wrestling against his team in JC and I bit my opponent (I know lame) Tito and his team rushed the Mat. A brawl insued and of course I was on the bottom. Tito was right in the middle but actually ended up being one of the cooler heads after the initial onslaught and ended up breaking everyone up. He then went out and beat our 90 pounder later in the night in a HUGE upset.

So what the fuck, Ill fight him................actually we are friends now. Oh and I do not want my ass kicked.

riggs wouldnt beat tito

KKM just said he couldnt lose 5 pounds in a week to make weight for the fight. Must not know much about the fight game.