Who will the dem nominee be in 2024?

A lot of people are saying that Biden’s mental decline will be enough to push him out and open the way for Harris in 2024. Do you agree with that?

So, simple question, who will be the Dem nominee for 2024?

  • Biden
  • Harris
  • Other (please specify)

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Chairman Mao.


Harris is wildly unpopular. They would be fools to run her. Biden is not capable of a second term. I honestly have no clue who they will run.

Hillary was wildly unpopular, too, didn’t keep her out - if the powers-that-be think she has the best chance of winning, they’ll swallow their dislike. Better her than Desantis or Crenshaw or Haley or whoever, in their minds.

Harris would get trounced by Desantis.

Tulsi is the right answer but will never happen

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True, but when was the last time a POTUS termed out or declined to run for another term, and their VP wasn’t the nominee (if they ran)?

As far back as I can remember:
LBJ → Hubert Humphrey VP then won the nomination
Nixon resigned, Ford was defeated, Carter was defeated
Reagan termed out, GHWB was VP and got the nomination
GHWB was then defeated by Clinton
Clinton termed out, and VP Gore got the nomination
Bush termed out, Cheney didn’t run.
Obama termed out, Biden declined to run but probably would have got the nomination over Hillary.

If not Harris then it will most certainly be a POC that will run with slogans like, “Prove America isn’t racist and vote for POC”.

They’ll go native American in 2024 Elizabeth Warren

I think it will partially depend on how the rep nominee shapes up.

They’ll ride Biden if they can, put in Harris immediately after. Then they can have several years of her before her first real test.

But I’d have a hard time seeing them not try to push the incumbent no matter what. It’s risky as fuck not to.

All signs point to Biden or Harris facing off against DeSantis who will eat their fucking lunch. Unless some huge skeletons are lurking in DeSantis’ closet he’s most likely gonna be the rep nominee.

The media will spin him as Trump 2.0 but that won’t be enough to stop him facing off against pedo Joe or Heels up Harris in the debates which will be a blood bath.