Who Will Win K-1 ??

Record your votes now......i dont know but im going with..........Peter Aerts.....

Iggy Vs Remy in the final.

Iggy in extra rounds.

Bob Sapp

what? you say he isn't in the tournament? Well, that didn't stop K-1 in the past did it? :)

1. Cyril Abidi vs Francois Botha

Cyril by decision

2. Peter Graham vs Remy Bonjasky

Bonjasky by KO

3. Ray Sefo vs Musashi

Musashi by ref stoppage(I think Safe will be injured)

4. Alexey Ignashov vs Peter Aerts

Ignashov by decision

1. Abidi vs Bonjasky

Bonjasky by KO

2. Musashi vs Ignashov

Ignashov by KO

Final: Ignahsov vs Bonjasky

Ignashov by decision

I'm going with Sefo to take the whole thing, even though he has been sick.

I gotta go with Bonjasky.

bootytime, I know you have too much time on your hands, I guess the promotion business didn't work out?

bootytime, building castles in the air isn't promotion, you should refer to major successful events like the North Amerian San Da Championships that were recently held in NJ, brilliantly, by successful promoter David Ross.

It's snowing and the gym is empty. so I have time to talk to people like you... as pointless as it is really...


I forgot to wish you a nice day :)

Good pick Ted & Keegan!