who will win the grand prix?

The fat sumo wrestler Sentoryu was the hungriest, but it didn't help him much.

"I wouldn't count Herring or especially Schilt out...longshots for sure, but both of them have enough experience and weapons to pull out a couple big wins. I also think 20% is too high for Sergei at this point, but you never know. But to say he's equal to Mino is quite a lot based on 1 fight."

Everything depends on how they set up the brackets. Mino has a problem against takedown arts who can GnP while avoiding submissions. Fedor defeated him in this manner. Yokoi also was doing well even though he was inexperienced, had bad cardio, and also underweight (contrary to the erroneous weigh-in they announced during the pride telecast). This type of takedown/GnP/avoid submissions opponent is the most dangerous for Mino and there are 3 guys in the tournament who can pull it off (Fedor, Ogawa, and Kharitonov). While judo may not, in my opinion, be as good in subs as BJJ, it certainly is second best and may be enough to keep them from being subbed by Mino while GnP him.

Mino is one of my favorite fighters for a number of reasons. He has great submission skills. He also fights to the end even when taking massive damage (ie, CroCop). But the main reason I like him is because he has enormous class. He doesn't talk shit and always says good things about his opponent. He's very similar to Fedor in that regard. However, I think that Mino's weakness is fighting takedown artists with enough ground skills to defend against his fantastic submissions. In my opinion, Yokoi continued to expose this weakness which Fedor first brought to light. Only time will tell. In two months we will know.

I think fedor or sergei.

i probably wont

Fedor or Norgiera 70-30 Fedor


This is the way I see it:

Fedor, Minotauro, Herring, Schilt, Randleman, Kharitonov, Giant Silva, Ogawa.

I would like to see it go this way:

Randleman vs Mino

Kharitonov vs Fedor

Schilt vs Giant Silva

Ogawa vs Herring

RickyMMA, I agree, Mino's weakness is a standing and especially GNP game against another good sub guy with great wrestling/Judo who can avoid takedown or avoid getting sucked into a submission grappling match from the guard> I think he knows this and has been working on it, while Yokoi showed he has work left to do, I don't think he will fight Fedor like that again, will be more aggressive, he said he wanted to improve wrestling and throws, also I bet his standup is better then he showed. Well see.

"Mino's weakness is a standing "

No way. Mino has awsome boxing skills and a granite chin. He might get outscored on the feet and lose a decision, but there is no way he'll get KOd.

Your right elgringo, I meant his only weaknesses or ways he can really be beat is someone that is a better striker or GNP fighter be able to keep it standing or stay on top and avoid subs and outscore. Thats what I meant.

BTW: I didn't mean to imply he would get KOd either, definately not. I guess I should have said it differently.

I say Fedor, but Giant Silva winning would make my day.



Fedor would be my first pick, Mino is my second.