Who will win the HW Pride GP?

i'm predicting mino will win it.

your pick?

"Arlovski would have"


Rewatch Arlovski/Vladdy and see a fight that the smaller, non-top ranked Vladdy would have won in Pride where the knees would have been legal.

Then rewatch Arlovski/Rizzo and see Arlovski get KO'd. And Arlovski/Ricco and see him get TKO'd.

I guess you can still hold up the Clash of the Titans, Arlovski/Freeman, though. If Andre can beat Freeman, surely he'd have no problems with Fedor, Crocop, and Nogueira!

I doubt being afraid to use him has anything to do with them not using Arlovsky. I thought Dana wasn`t going to send anymore fighters to Japan until they hold up to their end of the bargain or at least what they said they were going to do.

Right now from the fighters I have seen I would be taking Fedor ,but it wouldn`t surprise me to see someone that isn`t even considered as one of the top guys at Pride win it all. Tournaments are that way.

orcus has slapped some sense into the correct.

I agree with Willie; with four fights, two of those in one night, we could easily see a non-Fedor/Crocop/Nogueira holding up the trophy at the end.

I'd lean toward Crocop having the best odds simply because he can end a fight so quickly.

I'd go with Fedor, although I'd like to see Cro Cop win the whole thing because he's my favorite Heavyweight fighter.

vanderlei silva will win if its open weight. if not the mino will win