Who will win WW tourny and can they beat Askren?

I'm hoping it's not a rematch with Lima. Looking at Askren's resume it's still hard to judge just how good he is. Ben Saunders will make for an interesting opponent. Saying that though, I think whoever wins the tournament will be beaten by Askren.

The answer to both of your questions is no.

Lima wins again, gets blanketed by Askren again Phone Post

Hes still gotta fight the Russian right? Phone Post

Lima will win Phone Post

weedman broke his hand so he's out, do they bring zaromski back?

No one competing in Bellator's WW division will defeat Askren. His first true test will come when/if he moves to the UFC where I feel he would have trouble cracking into the Top 10.

With that being said, I'd love to see Killa B defeat him and prove me wrong.

the russian is the most dangerous fight of his career

Was hoping askren pulls a Konrad. Phone Post

Would love to see Killa B in a title fight. Phone Post

who is the russian you're referring to?