Who wins between the Usman brothers in sparring?

Kamaru is more skilled, of course, but Mohammed is way bigger.

I’d say Kamura just by experience, I always wondered between Nick and Nate Diaz who would win.


I think peak Nick beats peak Nate.

Nate always said that Nick was the better fighter… but I honestly think Nate would win that fight. I would pay good money to see that one!

Usually the bigger guy.

Kamaru actually looks taller but that may be because he had shoes on. Mo basically looks like what I’d imagine Kamaru to look like if he bulked up to LHW.
I feel like Mo could probably fight at MW

I would bet a lot of money on Marty. I think Marty lands punches all day long and doesn’t get hit clean. Marty is faster, keeps his hand high, and could mix in kicks. This is without takedowns. Throw takedowns and Big Usman is fucked.