Who Wins Bisping vs. Jardine?

Seems everyone thinks Bisping is the next big threat to Chuck. I'm not convinced he could beat Jardine today. Any thoughts?

i respect both fighters and their skills. so with that said i would love to see this fight, it would be a war i think. both guys are tough as hell and the fans would be the real winners if this were to go down.

Bisping would whoop him unless Jardine takes it down. Bisping would pick him apart, and tough chin or not, it wont matter when you only get hit and dont get to hit back. Sooner or later even rocks wear down.

Jardine imo.

im not impressed with bisping i think him and rashad should go at it to prove my point...rashad bye murder

well a really really strong wrestler is a nightmare fight for bisping.

Mike Bisping in the first round via KO.

Bisping has no TD defense and is too small.

Jardine will take him down and pound him out.

Lol no chance ^

The only reason he got by Schafer is because he spiked him on his head.