Who wins: Godzilla vs Hulk





Hulk and its not close

Marvel had a Godzilla comic in the 80's. I remember the Avengers appearing in an issue. Godzilla was pushing over a building and Thor was struggling to keep it up right. It was pretty lame

Hulk never struggles to keep it upright. Hulk Smash. Hulk win.

Godzilla easily

Hulk will jump up Godzillas ass and pull his rectum out of his mouth. Hulk by way of reverse rectal prolapse.

The fans?

Godzilla would hit hulk with his tail so hard he'd spin around the earth 7 times... fuck hulk

Hulk knocked Galactus the fuck out! I'm sure he can handle a little lizard. 

Y'all know how big brotha Zilla is right?

Hulk has been so stupidly overpowered by the comics now that he is virtually invincible. As long as he stays angry he can heal from most wounds instantaneously and can duke it out with titans and gods. A 200 foot tall lizard would be a few minutes' work.

depends on the writer.

You're talking about the guy that struggles with Wolverine, right?

scourge - You're talking about the guy that struggles with Wolverine, right?

He did thirty years ago...

Unless we're counting alternate realities or continuities like Old Man Logan though, Hulk is a world beater at his highest strength. In World War Hulk he was shot into space because he was deemed too dangerous to remain on earth and so he instead took over a planet, formed a posse, and came back and kicked the ass of every hero on earth practically.

Gotta go with Hulk.

Would love to see old school rubber suit Godzilla fight green paint big Lou in 70s style monster movie.

Godzilla has a larger penis.