just saw bodog fight on ION tv last nite. I have seen alvarez several times. He looks damn good. How does he fare against GSP ?

I hope you're not serious.

it would be a lot closer than people think but Eddie is not ready for GSP....

GSP is huge for 170 and Eddie is small for 170

with his explosiveness and heavy hands he certainly would have a shot ie 25%. hes young and is still developing

Nobody at 170 is ready for GSP. The welterweight division is the most stacked division in the UFC, and GSP just destroyed the #2 ranked fighter. GSP is just too damn good at this point in his career.

so youre saying Diego is heading for a beating

I like Eddie, but, he is nowhere ready for GSP.

will we see that guy in the UFC anytime soon?

I really like Eddie, but he's going to have some problems with bigger ww wrestlers.

He's going to have to start cutting and fighting at 155, I think he'd be top of the food chain there.


Fitedoc!!!.....are you kidding me!

OMG you can't be serious....Eddie Alvarez wouldn't beat anyone in top 10, ufc ww division.


totally disagree

To play both sides, GSP is on a level that few are ready for.

On the other hand the guys who suddenly spring into UFC kicking ass werent bums the day before they got the call.

I think Eddie will be a UFC star at 155 if he ever makes the jump.