Who won money on Couture vs Toney?

Seems like this might have been the easiest fight to pick in MMA history.

My friends and I tried to guess what time in the first round Couture would win.

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I think Randy fell close to like -350 at one point.

I thought at the time it was perhaps the best line in MMA of the year. I had very little cash at the time so did not bother.

If you are only gonna bet on fifty fights in your lifetime. Randy at -350 vs Toney was one of them, IMO.

I was in high school at the time so me and the group I sat with at lunch all did $5 bets on fights. Couture was the easiest $5 I ever made. This kid really believed Toney was gonna land a punch as Randy went down for a TD

Sadly I broke even though that day because I also had $5 on BJ Penn in the Edgar rematch