Who would be in the OG Hall of Fame?

I'm tired of this buggy fucking app. I post in one thread, it somehow ends up in a different thread, I make a post, and it somehow quotes somebody I didn't quote.

NOW, I scroll through this entire thread, and the shitty app doesnt show my name one time. I know it's definitely a bug in the app, given how much of an obvious shoo in I am for this list. Get your shit together, Kirik and Chris.

Jacques Furieux - Snakepitz. We miss you ya fuck

Jesus got in his ear and sent him on a different path. 


P.S. 81 disappointed fathers in the closet are watching this thread so act accordingly!


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MountainMedic - THAT'S STREET!



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Oma, TrainJudo, @Hong_Kong_Phooey , wait maybe this is UG …

ice cream dq GIF

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So what is he guilty of besides his idiotic scheme to burn his own house down? Having an opinion? Fuck these people. Free speech. See the first, or meet the second.