Who would of thought Zombie vs Aldo would of.....

Sucked that much? I mean it's almost inconceivable to think that Aldo or Zombie would be in a horrible fight but put them both together? Wow. Also, Aldo hasn't looked like this dominating champion I hear so much about. Hominick, Zombie, Frankie, Florian...Not what I call domination. The only thing that could of made that fight worse was a controversial ending...Oh wait!

Phil vs Machida not only an awful decision but a horribly lame fight too. This is how you lose fans, this keeps nobody interested or waiting for more.

This pay per view looked like a Fuel card and performed worse than Bellator by far.

Dude. It was a good fight moron. Nothing was boring about it. If you think so you'd not an MMA fan. Phone Post 3.0

I would argue...but I really can't. I didn't think the Machida fight was horrible, but it definetly didn't set the world on fire.

Not a bad fight at all.

Try to fight on a broken or dislcated foot and tell me how that goes OP

in_different - Try to fight on a broken or dislcated foot and tell me how that goes OP

Clearly talking about then 3 uneventful rounds prior and the really unfortunate injury that was " the fight " I was frothing for.

Co main sucked on all sorts of levels too. The rest of the main card was filled with guys who are arguably not even UFC level.


Oh, Hippo vs Vinny was incredibly shocking, I found that out while cornering my friend at an amateur event tonight then checked out a gif. Got home to only catch the last 3 fights. Shouldn't of bothered a couple teammates came over, they thought it was shit too.

Hurt his foot with his first kick.... And it's 'have' not fucking 'of' Phone Post 3.0

While I have seen many fights that were much worse than this, I will say that I expected fireworks from Aldo and Jung, mostly because I expected Jung to go balls out berzerker mode from the opening bell. He came in more reserved and careful, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not going to be upset that a fighter took his shot at the title seriously and tried not to take unnecessary risks. And that's not even true, because he did take unnecessary risks. He threw a couple flying knees that landed him on his back.

I don't know the story with how badly Aldo's foot is injured, but that makes more sense than he was tiring out, because he didn't actually look tired to me. The wall and stall/takedown tactics are what I would consider to be behavior that indicates fatigue in Aldo specifically, but other than that he was showing no outward signs of exhaustion physically or behaviorally. Another reason he may resort to grappling is because he is losing in the standup, but that clearly was not the case. Eliminating those two options, the most logical alternative is probably that his foot was injured from that kick in the first round. Did Aldo make a statement about this? I was posting here on the forums during the post fight interviews, so it's possible he could have said something about an injury right there and I would have missed it.

I'll Google it.

Ah, the post fight press conference. So yeah, I'm not surprised that Jose wasn't bouncing around on an injured foot. It wasn't a barn burner, but it didn't flat out bore me. I watched the fight with interest all the way through.

It was a great fight, unfortunate ending. Both fighters were aggressive, took chances, landed heavy shots, no complaints here.