Who would pick to win if Bellator puts together a LW GP in 2023?

Coker has said its possible Bellator does a LW GP next year. I think its almost guaranteed given how much LW talent they now have signed and given they have not yet done a GP at LW since Coker arrived.

Patricky Pitbull is the current champ and defends vs Usman Nurmagomedov next month.

In addition to those two, McKee, Musayev, Barnoui, Bendo, Outlaw, Shabliy, Primus, Mamedov, Rabadanov, Jury, Piccolotti, Bak etc… would be some possible participants.

Personally I’m hoping Bellator goes with a 16-man GP given the talent pool.

I see no reason not to pick Usman Nurmagomedov

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I see no odds up yet for the Patricky Usman title fight but I would have to imagine if Usman beats Patricky without it being a close fight then he would be the favorite.

McKee still has to make his LW debut vs Carlyle on Oct 1st. Mamedov fighting Browne on that card too. Bendo fights Quelly tomorrow and at the end of Oct Barnaoui fights Piccolloti. Tokov and Lance Gibsen Jr. also booked in LW fights on that Oct 1st card.

Bellator 286 Quick Card

I’d say Usman would be the favorite to win and then Barnaoui, Musayev, Shabliy and McKee among those with the best odds to win it all.

Would love to see Bellator re-sign Alvarez and Brooks and throw them in this GP too. I’m sure they are considering doing just that.

I’ll be shocked if Bellator does not do a 16 man LW GP next year. I’m like 95% sure they will.

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I am pretty sure McKee and Mamedov punched their ticket to the GP last night. Bendo did last weekend. Musayev and Shabliy likely did with their summer wins.

Then Piccolloti vs Barnaoui fight at the end of Oct and I’m sure the winner will get a GP spot.

Coker said the champ will defend the title in the GP and I’m sure the loser will get a spot too so that is all the spots.

So thats who I think the 8 participants will be. I’m sure there are gonna be a lot of fighters like Primus, Jury, Outlaw, Rabanov etc… who are not selected who are not gonna be too happy about not having a shot at the $1 million bonus and the the Bellator and GP titles.

They could have easily made this a 16-man GP, IMO but a lot of the summer and fall fights could be seen as the “round of 16”. Lets see who is selected.

Nate Diaz.

Nate ain’t making 155 ever again

It’s Usman

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I also don’t ever see Nate going to Bellator. Nate is too expensive.


Yeah PF has some miles on him, I also say Usman takes him down and keeps him there enough to win. UD for Usman.