Who would rather see Randy/Tito II

With the possibility of Vitor going in and not being 100% focused on the fight, who would rather see Tito get an immediate rematch and fight Randy on the 31st? He says he is ready, willing, able, and wanting it really bad. What if they put him in and have the winner fight a 100% focused Vitor at UFC 47..................

I kinda like this idea!


I like Tito and would like to see him back on the top, but he hasn't done anything to deserve a shot. He really needs to fight Chuck before he deserves a rematch.

What DSIL said.

Horn, or anyone that has beaten Randy in the past would be a better replacement (Enson, who should be in shape after coming off an easy win; V.Overeem, who's coming off an 8 man tournament win; Ilioukhine, who I know nothing of since his poor showing against Rampage.)

Tito needs to fight Chuck before getting another shot at the title.