Who would win a BJJ tourney....

Out of these competitors in an absolute division:

Marcelo Garcia

Roger Gracie

Xande Ribiero

BJ Penn

Ricardo Arona


Paulo Filho

Randy Couture

Pure BJJ maybe Roger, ADCC rules probably Arona.

no-gi adcc rules


i think arona as well

on the other hand why was arona struggling on the ground with shogun?

Pe De Pano

trollSmasher, probably because he was knocked out for a while and woke up in the shoulder lock. Plus, "Shogun" has very good Jiu-Jitsu.

lol @ pe de pano.

I have actually trained with him for like a week before. He came to Gracie Barra Tampa and showed us some cool stuff. The guy is a freak on the ground.

That said, i dont think he would beat the guys listed above.

How can you bet against Roger?
Xande, Jacare and Garcia have come up against him several times with Roger holding the edge against all of them. Out of the others the only possiblity is Arona but in grappling its hard to look past Roger.

^Roger himself said that none of the current ADCC competitors compare to Arona, even himself

and xande has beaten Roger before hasnt he?

Just assuming that Arona really trains just Sub-Wrestling before such a tournament, I think he will win.

Arona by smash and points against all of them

"on the other hand why was arona struggling on the ground with shogun?"

Shogun hurt him bad standing, plus Arona was out of gas after his win that night against Vanderlei. Shogun has much better cardio and had a shorter fight earlier in the night with Overeem.


ya i always figured he was short on gas for that second fight. ANd while i see shogun winning a rematch i think it would be much more competitive

"and xande has beaten Roger before hasnt he? "

The only Xande win over Roger i recall was by advantage, with Roger subbing him in the absolute of the same tournament and beating him a few other times as well. Jacare also has points wins over Roger, but roger has subbed him at other times and (probably due to a bit of a size advantage) has a slight edge over him. Roger Gracie is the most dominant grappler around right now, pound for pound Garcia and Jacare have an argument but in an absolute tournament id go for Roger more often than not.

Arona and Roger have never grappled so that is open to speculation but id go with Roger but accept Arona may win on points. Arona was excellent in abu dhabi but Roger, unfortunately tied up in a superfight this time, won his division and the absolute in the prior tournament with almost all his wins by sub against excellent competition. He also has multiple mundial wins. BTW, is this gi or no gi? Arona would stand a better chance no gi

I would rather see this then any mma event. I think Randy could do really well if he didn't take any risk.

i already said no-gi adcc rules